Our 2020 Aquatic Collection features some wonderful ocean creatures - bold Penguins, striking Starfish, elegant Seahorses and playful Lobsters! Our latest matching men-and-boy designs combine all the blues and greens of the sea but with pops of vibrant colour that are quintessential to Tom & Teddy’s bright and bold trunks. They’re perfect for fun days in the sun, so buddy-up in new-season Tom & Teddies… there’s a pair for every big boy and little guy!

On a bright and breezy Aussie winter’s day, we headed to Sydney’s eastern beaches of Bronte and Tamarama to shoot our Spring/Summer 2020 campaign. From giant Jenga tournaments and leapfrog to wave jumping and volleyball, the team had a full-on schedule to complete. But the big blue skies and glorious sunshine kept us all smiling from early morning through to late afternoon – the ice-cream breaks definitely helped!

Watch the BTS video now and discover the Aquatic Collection – we’ve got a pair of fresh new swim trunks for every big boy and little guy this sunny season.

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When Tommy Hughes ran a marathon in the 1992 Olympics, he thought he had reached the pinnacle of his athletic career. But it wasn’t until he began running with his son, Eoin, that he discovered the joy of being part of a team when they broke the father-son world record together.