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Our Story

Tom & Teddy was founded in 2011 by Michelle L’Huillier
and her husband Jelle de Jong when what seemed like an
innocent hunt for matching swim shorts for Father’s Day,
turned into an unexpected business opportunity.

Our Story

Tom & Teddy was founded in 2011 by Michelle L’Huillier and her husband Jelle de Jong when what seemed like an innocent hunt for matching swim shorts for Father’s Day, turned into an unexpected business opportunity.

The Tom & Teddy Story

"In 2010 I moved to Singapore having spent ten years living beachside in Sydney. Being the first Father’s Day for my husband and 11-month-old son, Tom, I had my heart set on buying matching father and son swim shorts as a special gift. After a failed attempt to find something I liked either in-store or online, the idea of creating a fun, high-quality product took hold. I had learned a fair amount about swimwear over the years in Australia – I’d seen how most swim trunks took ages to dry when friends left huge puddles of water under the café seats; and in those days, even in beach-fanatical Australia, there was extraordinarily little choice for men or boys beyond the baggy knee-length, surf-brand boardshorts. There was definitely room in the market for an altogether more flattering and versatile swim trunk – one that could be worn all day long, either in or out of the water."

- Michelle L'Huillier, Founder at Tom & Teddy

What's in the name?

The only name I ever considered for the brand was Tom & Teddy. As prevalent family names, they fit so well with the father and son concept - conveying the idea of man and boy; father and son; child and a treasured possession. The emotional attachment to the name is evident - my great grandfather was called Thomas Edward; his son Teddy was my grandfather and we named our first son Thomas Edward following the family tradition. In fact, if I go back through my family tree, there are several more relations called Thomas or Edward. My Grandfather Teddy was one of seven children and he fought in the Second World War, alongside his brothers. He was full of fun and laughter and at the centre of every family gathering – he  embodied everything that I wanted my swimwear brand to become!".

Beachwear inspired by Australia, created for all

Drawing on an Australian beach lifestyle – the sights and sounds; the natural light and colors of nature - our beachwear, in bold designs and bright shades, will bring a touch of the great Australian outdoors to your day, wherever you are. In matching styles for men and boys, we look to the ocean, lush foliage and brilliant sands along the Australian coastline for our design inspiration. And so, every piece of Tom & Teddy beachwear is sunny and fresh with the Australian sunshine sewn in!

Distinctly Tom & Teddy Trunks

The unique prints of our swimming trunks start life as bespoke artwork, sometimes hand drawn and painted, other times created digitally by a team of designers. We then produce repeat patterns, incorporating striking two - or three - color combinations to make the prints distinctly Tom & Teddy. Our durable swim short fabric is exceptionally soft and feels great against the skin. In the dying process, the rich colors of our designs infuse the cloth to produce a super-vibrant and vivid finish. All Tom & Teddy trunks have UPF50+ protection and are designed to be worn all day long, in or out of the water.

Perfect Pima Shirts

What’s so great about Pima? Originating from Peru – where our t-shirts and polos are produced – Pima is a really special fabric because the fibres are longer than standard cotton and this gives it that wonderful soft and supple feel with crease-resistant properties. Pima is also very hardwearing and is said to have a 50% longer life expectancy than other cottons. We have two different style of shirts to pair with our range of trunks, and they come in both men’s and boys’ sizes.

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Lightest, Softest Beach Polos

Crafted from premium Pima Pique Cotton, Tom & Teddy Beach Polos are made by polo shirt specialists in Peru. We have chosen this lightweight and breathable fabric to create the perfect pull-on piece to wear to the beach, pool or out and about on a summer weekend. And, because Pima Cotton is renowned for both a luxurious hand-feel as well as its strong and hardwearing fibers, our shirts will wash over and over, retaining shape and color season after season.

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A New Favorite Pima Tee

The Tom & Teddy T - Shirt feels just like a most-worn, much-loved, favorite! A wardrobe staple, it’s made from luxurious 100% Pima cotton, so it’s extra-soft and durable. The Tom & Teddy T-shirt is designed to be worn again and again, season after season.

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Tried and Tested T-Shirt Rash Guards

When we set out to develop our signature rash guard, we had four key things in mind: - it had to offer outstanding UPF protection - it needed to be extra - easy to take on and off (no clinging when wet; no struggling to pull over the head) - it had to be durable and not break down or lose its shape after just one or two summer seasons - it should be the ideal co-ordinating sun-safe piece for our entire swim trunks range. Our t-shirt style rash guards are semi-fitted, soft and comfortable to wear, wet or dry. They offer UPF50+ protection, as tested by The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), and the fabric is resistant to both chlorine and saltwater, so they won’t breakdown, go baggy or lose its shape after ocean swims or dips in the pool.

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Essential Accessories

Our capsule collection of beach accessories will co-ordinate perfectly with your favorite Tom & Teddy swimmers, tops and tees. From soft but durable flip flop shoes to flattering beach caps and an extra-roomy beach bag, these are beautifully crafted essentials for long, sunny days at the beach or pool.

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