David & Caleb

Father and Son on the Ocean Waves

At Tom & Teddy, we’re in awe of the special moments between father and sons; the looks, the laughs, the lessons and the love. So here you’ll find stories that are full of father-and-son inspiration.

Tim & Oliver

A reignited interest in his dad’s running goals sparked a discovery of endurance events for teenager Oliver Kacprzak. Now the father and son from Bannockburn in Victoria, Australia have become each other’s athletic inspiration.

Kevin & Matthew

Kevin Gaskell and his son Matthew recently broke the world record as part of the fastest 5-man team to row across the Atlantic. The pair have been adventuring together since their first trip to the South Pole when Matt was just 17 - and they have no intention of stopping any time soon.

Luke & Peter

When Luke Richards, from Melbourne, started wild swimming, he discovered a metaphor for recovery. After years of addiction, the ocean offered connection, wonder and more life than he imagined possible - including a friend, Peter, who’s own life he would go on to save.

Tommy & Eoin

When Tommy Hughes ran a marathon in the 1992 Olympics, he thought he had reached the pinnacle of his athletic career. But it wasn’t until he began running with his son, Eoin, that he discovered the joy of being part of a team when they broke the father-son world record together.

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