Full Terms & Conditions - Cut from the Same Cloth Adventures

Tom and Teddy (“we”, “us”, “our”) will use any personal information about you or your son that you provide (“the information”) for the purpose of organising, undertaking and making the Adventure and the Recording. The legal basis for this processing is that we have a legitimate interest in processing it.

We may share the information with our contractors who are involved in this, but if we do we will impose appropriate restrictions on their use of it. Where the Adventure or Recording takes place in Australia or the US, this will involve the transfer of the information to that country. This is necessary for the performance of our contract with you and your son, and for the conclusion or performance of our contract with our contractors (that contract being in your and your son’s interest).

We may share the information with our insurers and brokers if it is relevant to our insurance or our application for insurance. We will disclose the information in confidence, but their processing of the information will not be within our control or subject to our data protection policies or procedures.

We will transfer the information.

The Data Protection Act 2018 governs our processing of the information. Some conditions and exemptions apply, but in general you have the right:

  • To insist that we stop using the information for direct marketing
  • To ask for a written explanation of how and why we are processing the information, the legal basis for that processing, and who we have disclosed it to or intend to disclose it to
  • To ask for a copy of the information
  • To ask us to provide a copy of the information, either to you or to a third party, in a common and structured electronic format – but this only applies where the legal basis for the processing is your consent or its necessity for the performance of our contract with you
  • To ask us to correct, supplement or delete the information
  • To ask us to restrict our processing of the information – you may want to do this if you have asked us to correct or supplement the information and we are considering your request
  • To object to the processing
  • To complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ico.org.uk/concerns/ 0303 123 1113) about the processing or our response to your requests and objections, but you should approach us first as the ICO will usually want to know that you have raised your complaint with us and that we have failed to resolve it to your satisfaction
  • To take legal action in order to obtain compensation for our breaches of the legislation.

We will respond appropriately within one month of receiving your request for any of the above.

We will not make decisions based solely on automated processing of the information.