2024 Swimwear Trends

Published 11 Mar, 2024

Written by Eric Twardzik - Fashion & Menswear writer

The runway might be a long way from the beach or poolside but getting wet doesn’t grant immunity from the ebbs and flows of fashion. Nor should you want it to, as the emerging swimwear trends of 2024 are all about bold expression, whether that comes in the form of trunks printed with pink flamingos or colored a shocking shade of electric blue.

What’s more, the year-in-progress is also seeing a renewed focus on eco-friendly materials, swimwear that can be worn outside of the water and a greater acceptance of varying lengths. Jump into each topic in more detail below; the water’s fine.

Tropical Travails & Flower Power

Chalk it up to the ongoing, post-pandemic travel boom, but that renewed zest for recreation is manifesting in swimsuit prints that are anything but shy. While last year saw stripes hit it big, 2024 seems fixated on two sub-genres of pattern: tropical and floral. The former category sees trunks decorated with all the fixings of a warm-weather getaway, from starfish to flip flops and even iced lollies. Meanwhile, floral prints are increasingly expressed through the flora of a tropical paradise: for instance leafy palm trees.

In the grand sweep of patterns, tropical and floral prints rank high on the “bold” scale. But what better time is there to experiment with designs that may be out of your typical comfort zone than on holiday?

Do Yourself A Solid

With all that talk of flamingos and pineapples, it’s easy to lose sight of what a powerful effect standalone color can have. Whether that’s a pair of solid trunks in an eye-catching hue like electric blue, or a pair that sets strong colors side-to-side through the classic technique of color-blocking. The technique is often most effective when it creates a contrast: for instance, bright orange abutting lime green.

Sustainable Fabrics

From the cars they drive to the meals they eat; consumers are increasingly conscious of what their buying choices mean for the environment. The swimwear sector is no exception, and in response makers have put a greater emphasis on using eco-friendly fabrics.

In response, Tom & Teddy has utilized REPREVE®, a pioneering new polyester yarn that is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. While currently utilized in some of Tom & Teddy’s swim shorts—which will be marked with the green, bottle-shaped REPREVE® tag—it will play a larger role in the brand’s production going forward.

Swimwear for Dry Land

Today’s flexible work arrangements and relaxed dress codes make it more possible than ever to go direct from the beach to the bar. That being said, some swimwear looks more at home on land than others.

For instance, Tom & Teddy’s Tailored Trunks are designed with a smooth yet defined waistband, a snap button in place of the usual drawstring closure, and a slightly shorter hemline that lands about halfway down the thigh. The result is a trunk that’s still ready to cannonball at a moment’s notice, but cleans up nicely when paired to a polo shirt and a Piña Colada.

The Long & Short Of It

Speaking of lengths, we’ve seen a great deal of seesawing on the ever-pertinent question in recent years. Below-the-knee board shorts once reigned supreme, only to be toppled by short-shorts recalling Sean Connery in Dr. No.

After so much back-and-forth on the question of hemlines, today’s swimwear landscape is more accepting of whatever best fits the needs of wearer. That might be a long short if you’re looking for more coverage while sprawling on the sand, or a cropped trunk if you’re seeking a shorter time on your laps around the pool. And of course, the question of length also comes down to whatever the wearer finds best for their own body type.

On that question, Tom & Teddy tends to play it down the middle, with inseams that runs from 5.5” on a small to 7.5” on an XXL.

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