2023 Swimwear Trends

Published 12 Apr, 2023

Spring is here and it’s time to plan a break in the sunshine! We asked fashion writer Joel Balsam to take a look through our current collections and pick out his trend-hitters for this year’s beach season.

Gone are the days of boring, baggy bathing suits. Men’s swimwear in 2023 should fit better, be made with quality materials, and yes, it should be fun!

So think loud and bright colors for your swimsuit this year, but some classic prints like stripes and gingham are also in. Just make sure that whatever you buy fits your thigh properly, so not too long or loose. Getting a 5- to 7-inch inseam is certainly ideal, and likely to be a fan favorite, but it’s by no means obligatory if you prefer something a tad bit longer.

To give you an idea of the freshest fits for 2023, here are some stylish swimsuits for men and boys.


Nautical prints like blue with white stripes rarely go out of style in swimwear, and 2023 is no different. As the old adage goes, vertical stripes will make you look taller while horizontal stripes can make you look thinner.

But just because stripes are a classic, that doesn’t mean your swimsuit needs to be boring. For instance, these wonky Navy Stripes are creative.

Loud & Proud

If you want some compliments on your swimwear this spring (who doesn’t?) opt for a large graphic print. Nothing says sun like pineapples, and how about giving citrus fruit some love? Not feeling fruity? Freshen things up with these Spearmint Ice Creams  or Light Blue & Berry lobsters.

Bold & Bright

It’s 2023, guys, and pink is in. Yes, even hot pink. Wearing a bright and bold style can stand out even more than graphic prints, and it’s unlikely to go ever go out of style. If you aren’t into hot pink, don’t worry. A nice turquoise is very stylish, or Ninja Turtle green.  


Seeing a father and son wearing matching clothes just might be the cutest thing ever, and thankfully, going full matchy-matchy is a trend in 2023. Men and boys could both wear these matching turtle-print swimsuits, or even mix-and-match color schemes. Heck, a guy would be Uncle of the Year if he shows up to the pool party wearing matching flip flop print trunks with his nephew.


Gingham weave bathing suits give new meaning to the idea that what’s old is new again in fashion. In fact, this classic style dates as far back as 17th-century Malaysia and was popular throughout the early 1900s. History lesson aside, Gingham is back for 2023 and our bet is that it’s here to stay.

Pair your Gingham swimsuit with a classic polo for a timeless look.