Tom & Teddy’s 5 Favourite Swimming Pool Toys

Published 04 Jul, 2016

A big shout out to everyone who’s somewhere really hot right now! Here’s an essential review for those of you who find the swimming pool is the only place to cool down when the sun’s high in the sky and the kids have masses of energy to burn. Over the years living in the Tropics, we’ve tested literally sackfuls of water-play gizmos – some are ingenious and worth every cent, while others have broken within the first five minutes of being submerged. These are our absolute favourites and the pool toys we believe are worth investing in this summer.

1. Dive-Thru Rings

Hours of underwater fun for older children who are confident in the water and learning to swim under it. These weighted hoops are designed for diving and swimming through, and are all you need for group play in shallow water - whether that’s a slalom race or underwater relay.

2. Inflatable Beehive

Inflatables are always a big hit and there’s so many super-cool ones on the market at the moment. We really love the big Beehive floaty by Swimline – available from We’d class this as more of an “investment pool accessory” but it does tick all the boxes for big, fun and bright for extra summertime fun!

3. Googly Eye Goggles

We picked these up from Zoggs and they’ve gone down really well with the boys. Novelty swim goggles that don’t let the water in!

We haven’t tried this one out but you could take things one step further with a Nemo swim mask from

4. Shark Torpedo

A water torpedo that glides that little bit further… we’ve found this sharky one is the very best and it’s still going strong two summers later! SwimWays Dive N’ Glide Shark from

5. “Dive-ables”

Click onto to find an assortment of your kids’ favourite comic and cartoon characters in dive-toy form. The Marvel superhero set is as popular as ever with our gang and we’re probably going to order up the Star Wars set this summer.

And finally, one we’d like to test out if our swimming pool was big enough… a Zorb Ball Water Walker!

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