6 Ways to Celebrate Dad’s First Father’s Day

Published 06 Jun, 2017

First-time dads will be able to give themselves an extra pat on the back on June 18 – it’s their very first Father’s Day; their day to celebrate, relax and spend some extra time with the family. Here are our ideas to make it a special day for all (including tiny babies!)

Take a breakfast hike

Get out in the fresh air and go for a hike. There are now masses of fantastic baby carriers on the market that really support your back and let you stride out with ease. So pack a special Father’s Day breakfast and head off early morning before the heat of the day.


Garden time

Go green with a visit to your local garden center to buy a special bush, tree or shrub that you can plant in your garden together to mark this special day. This is a lovely way to create a memory that you can pass on to your child as they get older (and hopefully the plant will “grow up” with them).


Family photo session

Mark this milestone with a family photo session at home, at the beach or in the park. Book a local photographer for an hour and ask them to take a few candid shots of Dad and his little one in a favorite setting.

Baby massage class

If Dad hasn’t been to a baby massage session before, Father’s Day weekend could be the perfect time to let him get involved and take his little one out for a relaxing class that’s ideal for daddy and baby bonding.



Sunday morning swim

Start a new Sunday ritual this Father’s Day with a trip to the swimming pool. Rain or shine, a splash at the local leisure hub with Daddy (the boys in matching Tom & Teddy trunks of course!) will soon become a highlight of your child’s week.



Tandem biking

This used to be one of our favorite things to do on Father’s Day. Find a bike hire center and ask for a tandem bike with child seat. Trust us, three on a bike is a lot of fun!