Come along to the seaside...

Published 22 Sep, 2015

A strong fresh breeze, salt-tinged air, the song of seagulls overhead and a distant echo of children laughing as they run along the wet sands. These are the sights, sounds and scents that we associate with “by the seaside” – together with childhood memories of rock-pool exploring, cold-water paddling, queuing at the ice cream van and having a go at flying our brand-new kites. It may have been a little on the chilly side, and there may have been rough, gritty sand between our toes, but a day out by the sea was guaranteed to be fun and invigorating and full of “seaside-y” treats like fish and chips, sticks of candy and one too many spins on the fairground rides!

So, with these fond recollections as our inspiration, we designed the Tom & Teddy Seaside Collection. It features original Kite, Seagull and Ice Cream prints in primary shades and seascape hues that work together to reflect the colours of a northern-hemisphere seaside setting.

Take a look at the collection in our webstore – we think you’ll love it for its fresh, easy-breezy style. And, as always, there’s a pair for every big boy and little guy!