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Tom and Teddy Classic design collection swim shorts range as shown with our new color ranges

Mens Swim Shorts

Our signature swim shorts combine a secure elasticated waist and braided drawcord with super-soft, durable fabric – making them comfortable enough for long, fun days at the beach, as well as some serious lap-swimming at the pool.

Baked Orange Men $94.95 $39.97
Blue & Lime Turtles Men $94.95 $64.95
Blue Shells Men $94.95 $39.97
Electric Blue Men $94.95
Green Gingham Men $94.95
Hot Pink Men $94.95
Ice Blue Seagulls Men $94.95 $64.95
Midnight Blue Men $94.95
Navy & Pink Fern Men $94.95 $64.95
Ocean Stripes Men $94.95
Pool Blue Men $94.95
Rose Flamingos Men $94.95
Sea Pink Seagulls Men $94.95 $54.95
Watermelon Men $94.95 $39.97
Yellow Elephants Men $94.95 $64.95
Yellow Shells Men $94.95 $39.97