Healthier Gifts for Your Valentine

Published 30 Jan, 2018

Forget the wine, candy or dining vouchers this Valentine’s Day – why not help the main man in your life to stay committed to his 2018 fitness resolutions with a gift of goodness that’s all about being active, nourishing the body and taking care of his health?


A Bag of Goodness

Who doesn’t love a food hamper or a full-to-the-brim gift basket? Organise a bumper delivery of healthy snacks, organic goodies, juicy fresh fruits or a selection of all these if you go for a fully customised option at It's Only Natural Gifts.


Personalised Fitness

Kick-start your loved one’s gym routine with some personal training sessions at the local gym. Most places offer training packages with a member of the in-house fitness team, and one-to-one work-outs will drive motivation and set them off on the right path.

Tracking Tech

If the one you love is quite “gadget-y”, he might like a wearable fitness device such a Fitbit or a Moov Now to track his daily walking and running regime. So much more than a pedometer, these little bands of technology and their apps are like virtual personal trainers, giving feedback after workouts and monitoring heart rates. There are also waterproof versions to track swim strokes.


Super Juicing

Help him get his five-a-day with a compact juicer or smoothie maker. We’re not talking one of those huge, multi-part juicing machines here (too much dismantling and washing up!) - a NutriBullet or a Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer will do the trick. Just load up with veggies and fruits and whizz/squeeze them up for a daily glass of goodness.


New Kit

New year, new work-out threads. Check out Lululemon’s range of running shorts, tees and trackies for men – all in soft, sweat-wicking fabrics and without the ultra-tight cling factor. We also love Uniqlo’s Sport collection for hi-tech, well-cut pieces at affordable prices.


Therapeutic Swimming

Get him back in the pool with a brand new set of trunks and goggles. Swimming laps or leisurely lengths will really help him to zone out at the end of a long working day and it’s a super gentle form of aerobic activity that gets the heart rate up but keeps muscle strain at bay. A pair of Tom & Teddies Ice Blue Seagulls and these anti-fog Speedo V-Class Vue goggles are all he’ll need.


Take a Hike

It’s true (or so we’ve heard), hiking is the coolest way to get fit right now. Out in the fresh air and amongst nature, it’s good for the heart and the head, and a great way to spend the weekend together doing something healthy. But where to go? Treat him to this beautiful hard-cover guide to some of the best hiking trails across the USA and you can plan and prep hike-trips for the year ahead.

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